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Arthritis Warm Cold Dual Action No Odour Natural Source Patches & Wraps
Type of activity High performance sports Low impact training Aerobic exercises Leisure activities Around the house
Type of pain Joint pain Muscle pain Stiffness and soreness Bruising and swelling Back pain
Arthritis Extra Strength Roll-on Lotion
Arthritis Extra Strength Roll-on Lotion contains three proven active ingredients to relieve arthritis pain where you need it most. This easy-to-use product has been designated as arthritis-friendly by the Arthritis Society.
Arthritis No Odour Cream
Trust Arthritis No Odour Cream for effective, odourless relief from arthritis pain. The arthritis-friendly applicator makes it easy to apply, and it contains ingredients that nourish your skin.
Sport Ultra Heat Glide-on Cream
Don’t skip a beat on or off the court! Keep Sport Ultra Heat in your sports bag for quick and easy-to-use pain relief.
Heat Cream
Heat Cream delivers warm, penetrating relief of daily aches and pains.
Extra Strength Cream
Don’t let pain hold you back. Trust Extra Strength Cream for warm, penetrating relief.
Ice Gel
Experience cool, soothing relief on the go with Ice Gel. This fast acting, greaseless formula gets right to work.
Dual Action Cream
Stay active with Dual Action Cream. This non-greasy formula goes on cool to ease the pain and then turns the heat up for warm, penetrating relief. It’s specially formulated to work on contact, so you can forget your pain and get back to improving your game.
Dual Action Back Patches
No matter how active your lifestyle, your back is bound to experience a little wear and tear. These flexible, non-greasy patches go on cold to ease the pain and then deliver warm, ongoing relief. Apply, and then get on with your day!
Dual Action Multi-Pack Patches
Your days are unpredictable and your pain can be, too. Be prepared with Dual Action Multi-Pack Patches. They’re flexible, multi-sized and can adhere to anywhere on your body.
Ultra Strength No Odour Cream
Ultra Strength No Odour Cream provides fast penetrating and odourless muscle pain relief. 50% more active ingredient means that you can get back to doing what you do best, sooner.
Voted Best New Product 2012 for topical pain relief!
No Odour Cream
Your busy schedule doesn’t leave time for constant re-application. No Odour Cream is specially formulated to provide odourless and long lasting relief from arthritic and muscle pain.
Natural Source Arnica Gel-Cream
Winner of the Best New Product Award 2011 for best topical pain reliever!
Natural Source Arnica Gel-Cream is a naturally sourced, fast absorbing topical pain reliever for sore muscles, inflammation and bruising.
Natural Source Arnica Spray
Non-greasy and fast penetrating Arnica Spray helps relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. It’s also effective on sore muscles and bruising caused by falls and blows. This cool, soothing spray starts to work on contact exactly where you need it.
ProheatTM Back Wrap
An aching back can grind your world to a halt. ProheatTM Back Wraps are convenient, portable and provide long lasting heat therapy.
ProheatTM Neck & Shoulder Wrap
Soothe pain and tension in your neck and shoulders with the ProheatTM Neck & Shoulder Wrap. They’re convenient, portable and provide long lasting heat therapy.
Triple Action Cream
New Triple Action Cream is scientifically formulated with naturally-sourced essential oils to provide penetrating relief of aching muscles, sore joints and back pain – exactly where you need it.
Ice Spray
New Ice Spray provides cold, penetrating relief of muscle and joint pain in a convenient and easy to apply spray format. 75% more active ingredient* means that you can get back to doing what you do best, sooner.